Our Products

Taxi Management System

System covers all key process areas of the Transport Systems such as Driver Schedule, Payment, Monthly Invoicing, Tax returns, Monthly Expenses, Driver Details, Taxi maintenance, Customer tracking and various MIS Report Generation.

Inventory Management System

The Suite for the purpose of controlling your Production / Trading / Sub Contracting / General / Pharmacy Inventory system. Provides multilevel Record Tracking, with all facilitated MIS reports.

On-line Market Information System

The Suite for the purpose of marketing its products by enrolling membership to the services of the company. The main goal of this system is to provide one-stop access to the most comprehensive and cost effective platform of meaningful market information and business intelligence. This system involves display of data pertaining to the member’s interest only. The database not pertaining to the area of the member’s will not be displayed. The criterion for viewing the database is payment of subscription money for the same by the member.

On-line Hire purchase System

Online Hire Purchase – User will select the Finance people and Product to apply the Loan through Net. In back office the Venture verifies the Applicants and approves the load or the venture will reject the Applicants.

Web Based Leave Management System

WLMS is an online application for leave management. An employee of a particular company can apply for leave, view his leave balance, and leave history etc through the site. The manager of a particular department approves / rejects the leave application of a particular employee or he can forward the application to the leave administrator, who actually controls all the processes.

Uninterrupted Power Supply interface Power Monitoring Software

Power plus – I is designed to provide enhanced UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) monitoring and graceful shutdown for many different operating systems. Knows as “The Power Management Software”, Power plus I provides a system administrator with detailed information concerning a UPS and all related power conditions.

Payroll Management Software

System covers all key process areas of the HR Module such as Payslip Generation, Employee Personal Management, Loan Information, Income Tax Returns, and Report Generation.

Billing and Account Management Software

System covers all key process areas of the Billing Generation, Purchase Order Maintains Customers and Supplier Accounts and Monthly Tax Returns and Office Expenditure.