Services at ShreeSoft mean more than just software implementation. They’re about optimizing your business strategy and processes — about putting effective support structures in place and knowledge transfer. Our goal at ShreeSoft is to exceed your expectations by combining the performance of our consultants and infrastructure to deliver the right services for improved productivity and profitability for your business.

Our Quality Services include :

  • Consulting/Contract Services
  • ERP Solutions
  • Computer sales, AMC, Networking, Servicing, Data recovery
  • Website Designing and Hosting
  • Biometric Security Attendance System
  • CC TV/ IP camera (survivor)
  • Video Conference
  • Cloud Computing
  • Turnkey/Off-Site/Off-Shore Development Services
  • Software Product Solutions
  • Oracle Technologies
  • Internet/Intranet Technologies
  • Object Oriented Technologies
  • Client Server Technologies
  • Application Design and Development
  • Database Design
  • Data processing
  • Digital catalogue

Track Record

In a short time our Software Development activities have spanned, we have chalked up a number of successes covering a wide spectrum of needs. Projects executed included:

Data Analysing Tool

  • Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) file Measure time difference between each Pulse leading edge of x-axis of Input File and output File” deals with Binary Input / Output file

The Logistics Management and Point of Sales solution

  • The Complete back-end software for Retail business, is an integrated Inventory control and Distribution system with an open interface to any accounting package.

Management Information System for Access Control System

This MIS is used to generate the reports for the Smart Card Access Control System. With this tool we can generate different types of reports. This MIS is flexible. We can generate all types of reports what a company is needed. Using this MIS we can generate the complete details for a particular employee or for all employees in a particular department or for all departments in a company etc

Access Control Application

The microwave read/write devices function on a microprocessor basis. They are internally monitored for proper function and component failure. Function control via the RS 232/485 interface.

  • Area monitoring and access control
  • Vehicle identification and production-data memory in the manufacturing process
  • Automatic identification of fast moving object with variable orientation and undefined motion paths.

Data Capturing & Reporting Application

The Analysed Biochemistry data captured from AU400 & Heamatology data from HmX medical equipments. Then Data been produced as Reporting. Providing Qc, Caliberation and Reagent trackings. Providing Statistical Analysis of the data.

Hospital Management Software

Full fledged hospital management Software package, providing information about, Outpatient, Consultation, Lab Reports, In Patient, Discharge summary and Management Statistical Reports.

Andrololgy Lab Reporting Software

Andrology lab reporting, statistical reporting software has been delivered to Dr. Vasan.

Cindi Statistical Analysis Software

Cindi Statistical Analysis package, for maintaining nation-wide diabetic information. Provides various statistical information.

Hotel Management Software

Enterprise resource Hotel management software which provides management, financial and statistical information for Hotels.

Laboratory Information System

The laboratory data captured from analyzer and the reporting will be generated automatically, lab requests will generated from billing.

Access Control System and Payroll

The Payroll will be generated from Smart card access control system. This will enable to generate various MIS reports for the employee.

Ad-agency Invoicing Software

The ad-agency automation software which enables, creation of Estimation, Release Order, Invoicing, all steps with cancellation / changeable features, with various MIS reports.

Our clients :

  • Maxlink Software & Networks C.A. USA
  • Smurf Inc.,
  • (Nestle India) Bangalore
  • Flemings Automation Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore
  • Dolphin Technologies (P) Ltd., Mumbai
  • Velankani Softwares India Ltd.,Bangalore
  • Pepperl+Fuchs (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Clinigene India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • CDEC Bangalore
  • Diabetacare Bangalore
  • Adharsha Lab Tumkur
  • Diacon Hospital Bangalore
  • Dialife (Diabetes Care Center) Bangalore
  • Ittina Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
  • Ankur HospitalBangalore
  • Jayanagar Super Speciality Hospital Bangalore
  • Bengaluru Neuro Centre Bangalore
  • Padmashree Advanced Imaging SolutionsBangalore
  • Primary Medicare Centre Bangalore
  • Daina Bangalore
  • Cindi Bangalore
  • Hotel Kapila Bangalore
  • Mallya Hospital Bangalore
  • TVSE Chennai
  • Velankani Information Technologies, Bangalore
  • Avanti
  • Communications Bangalore
  • Captronics Pvt. Ltd.(Bangalore)
  • Vee Vee Controls Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore)
  • Taurus Clothing Company (Bangalore)
  • Vijay Spheroidals (Bangalore)
  • Flexotech Products Pvt Ltd. (Bangalore)
  • Unitex Apparels Pvt Ltd. (Bangalore)
  • Fashion Overseas Matrix (Bangalore)
  • Donewel Communications (Bangalore)

Payroll Package Integration with Attendance System

Full fledged Payroll Package integrated with daily attendance system, Users can define their own allowance, deduction masters, Tax structures can be defined by slab wise, providing complete Employee Master information with their Allowances, Deduction & Tax Structures, Monthly Salary slip will be generated by taking information from attendance system, all calculation part will be done automatically, with various reports.

  • Bagalkot Town Development Authority (Bagalkot)
  • Chaabria And Sons (Bangalore)
  • Priyanka Electricals Bangalore
  • Padmashree Group of Institutions (Bangalore)

Hostel Fee Management Software

The Hostel Student Information, Class wise Hostel Mess Fee, and other Fee Entry, Fee Collections, Fine Calculations, Student Ledger with various MIS reporting.

  • Pinewood English School (Bangalore)

School Management Software
The Student Information, Class wise Fee Entry, Class wise Mark sheet Maintenance, Student Promotions, with various MIS reporting.

 Enterprise Resource Planning

The Complete ERP Solution for Marketing, Design & Development, Purchase, Production and Finance modules with Tasks & Reminders.

  • Vee Vee Controls Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore)

Laboratory Information System
The laboratory data captured from analyzer and the reporting will be generated automatically, lab requests will generated from billing.

  • Adarsha Lab  (Tumkur)

Ad-agency Invoicing Software and Cheque Printing Software

The ad-agency automation software which enables, creation of Purchase Order, Invoicing, all steps of cancellation / changeable features, with various MIS reports. Cheque Printing enables Customers to print Cheque and maintain track record of accounting.

  • Avinashi Ad Agency (Tumkur)
  • P2P (Tumkur)
  • Lakshmi Paper Agency (Bangalore)
  • Sucon (Bangalore)
  • Vijay Speroidals (Bangalore)

Billing and Account Management Software

System covers all key process areas of the Billing Generation, Purchase Order Maintains Customers and Supplier Accounts and Monthly Tax Returns and Office Expenditure

  • Mahindra Perfumery Works (Bangalore)
  • Clean Care Systems (Bangalore)
  • Pai’s Weld Market (Bangalore)
  • Sree Kateel (Bangalore)
  • Static Systems
  • Unnati Paints (Bangalore)
  • Vijay Speroidals (Bangalore)
  • Shami Shopping Center(Bangalore)
  • Space Design Bangalore

Inventory Management System
The Suite for the purpose of controlling your Production / Trading / Sub contracting / General / Pharmacy Inventory system. Provides multilevel Record Tracking, with all facilitated MIS reports.

Our AMC Track

  • Diacon Hospital (Bangalore)
  • Static Systems, (Bangalore)
  • Clean Care Systems (Bangalore)
  • Primary Medicare Centre (Bangalore)
  • VLCC (Bangalore)
  • Vee Vee Controls Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore)
  • Ankur Hospital (Bangalore)
  • Jayanagar Super Specialty Hospital (Bangalore)
  • Space Design (Bangalore)
  • Static Packs (Bangalore)